Education: Colorado

Colorado Department of Education.

School View/Data & Accountability, Programs & Supports, Teaching & Learning, Policy & Funding.

Colorado Education Statistics. Colorado Department of Education.

Find as of 12/15: School/District Staff Statistics; Pupil Membership; Graduation Statistics; Dropout Statistics; Attendance Information (Truancy); Statewide General Statistics; Race and Ethnicity Guidelines; District Mapping Coordinators (DOC);  Map of Districts by County (XLS).

Colorado School Violence Prevention and Student Discipline Manual. Colorado Attorney-General's Office. 1999-2006.  LAW1.8/V81/ Colorado Docs. Also online as School Violence Prevention Manual (as of May 2016 dated 2009).

Annual explanation of laws and regulations. See also Discipline in Schools (Department of Public Safety).

Pupil Membership and Related Information. Colorado State Dept. of Education, Office of Management Services, Planning and Evaluation Unit. 1987-1988,1996-1999.  LB 2842 .C422 Morgan. Online Pupil Membership (Colorado Department of Education).

Public school data.

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