Law and State Courts

Crime and Corrections

Crime in Colorado. Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Annual. 1976,1979,1981-1982,1986,1990-1998 HV 6793 .C6C74 Morgan. Online 1998- .

"The annual Crime in Colorado report is a compilation of crime statistics submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) by Colorado law enforcement agencies through the national Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program."

Statistical Report. Department of Corrections. 1990/1991-1992/1993,1994,1996-2004,2006,2013- CR1.11/  latest year in Doc Ref;earlier years in Colorado Docs. 1988/89 Microfiche. Annual.

Online Departmental Reports and Statistics has recent performance plans, regulatory plan and regulatory agendas, statistics, and reports (legislative, monthly population and capacity, other).

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Indicator Chart Book for Colorado. State of Colorado Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division. HU12/20.2/D84 2001 Colorado Docs. Drug & Alcohol Online version (PDF) same year as print.

Data and graphics from the 1990s.

Law and Judiciary

Colorado Courts at a Glance. 2001. SC2.16/ Docs Ref. Online has 1994-  (not published every year).

Useful organizational information. Rights, types of courts, judges (duties,not names), jury system, legal system, probation, education, administration, organization chart, and glossary. (Description from 2015 document.)

Research Publications. Colorado Legislative Council. Scattered holdings. Most recent 2005. JK 7801 .A32 Morgan and Ref

Detailed treatment of issues of interest to the Legislature. Pull down the Research menu to select issue briefs by topic. For example, under Agriculture, Water. In addition to issue briefs, find summary of legislation, bill tracking, and resource books, memos, and other publications.

Colorado General Assembly. 1984-1986,1989,1995/1996-1997 JK7830 .C635a latest edition in Ref; earlier in Storage.

This booklet includes "how a bill becomes a law."

Digest of  Bills Enacted by the . . . General Assembly. Colorado State Publications Library.   GA6/150.9/ Doc Ref Online 1933-  (name varies over the years).

Annual summary of enacted bills. For example, vetoed bills and portions thereof.

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