CO150 - College Composition

Online Resources

The Library is here to help you with your research! Below are some resources to help you get started with your research, whether you are studying in-person or online. 

Online Library Instruction

The following videos and reflection questions will walk you through some information you need to get started with your research assignments. 

Kahoot Quiz - Instructor Version: Click here for the instructor link to the CO150 Library Review Kahoot quiz

Kahoot Quiz - Student Version: Click here for the individual, asynchronous version of the CO150 Library Review Kahoot quiz

YouTube Videos

The following videos cover library information in YouTube format. 

Supplemental/Optional Videos

These videos provide some additional information about doing your research. Please focus on the core videos (above) if you have limited time.

Video 1: Picking Your Topic IS Research

Video 2: Selecting and Using Keywords

Video 3: Peer-Review in Three Minutes

Video 4: Using AND & OR in Searches


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