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Academic Search Premier is a broad, interdisciplinary database that covers a wide range of subjects. It includes a mix of scholarly articles, popular publications, and a little bit of newspaper coverage. It’s an excellent starting point for the kind of research you will need to do in college courses. Academic Search Premier is one of many databases that our library subscribes to from EBSCOhost. If you learn this database well, you'll be able to search many other databases with ease.

Academic Search Premier search box





To search, enter keywords in the search boxes at the top of the page.

Academic Search Premier search box filled in

TIP: Use AND/OR to link search terms. (Boolean logic
Use * at the end of root words to search for all various endings of that root word, often expanding the number of results you will get. (Truncation)

There are options to limit results to scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals, articles published within a certain date range, etc.

Academic Search Premier limits






For many articles, you will see a link to full-text (the whole article), either in HTML or PDF format.

html full text  pdf full text

For other articles, the full-text will not be available in this database. Never fear! Use the FindIt@CSU button to track down practically any article you need!    FindIt@CSU

The FindIt@CSU tool searches behind the scenes in many of our library databases to see if we have access to the article. If we do have access, you will see a message that says “Get the full text online:” and then a link to another database. Click that link and voilà! The article! Easy!

full text

If we don’t have access to the article, you’ll see a message that says “No electronic version available for this item. Please use ILL services.” But don’t worry! Just look a bit lower and click the link to our fantastic Interlibrary Loan service. Login to request the article from another library. It will arrive electronically within 24‐48 hours, for free!

we'll get it for you



Here's an example of a scholarly article citation and a sample of the full-text of the scholarly article. Notice the length of the article. If you use information from an article for your research project, be sure to write down the citation information (author, title, journal name, volume, issue, page number) so you can accurately cite your sources. Click on the title of any article for the complete record, including subject terms and an abstract (summary).

academic citation

Here's an example of a citation that comes from a magazine and a sample of the full-text of the magazine article.  

magazine article citation

magazine article full-text



Printing, Emailing & Citing


Once you find a useful article, Academic Search Premier lets you to work with it in a bunch of ways (see bar on the right hand side of item page):

  • Print
  • E-mail (when you email an article to yourself, you can choose to format the citation in MLA style)
  • Save (to a USB drive or other device)
  • Cite (yellow paper icon) – a quick rough draft of the citation in various citation styles; be sure to double-check all citations and correct errors before you turn in your paper 
    REMEMBER copy → paste → proofread 

Ebsco Tools

EBSCOhost Advanced Search

Academic Search Premier is one of our databases provided by EBSCO. Here is a three minute walk through on how to use the EBSCOhost Advanced Search screens.

Creating Personalized Folders in EBSCO Academic Search Premier


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