Citation Managers

Citation managers are tools that help you collect and organize references and cite them within papers and documents.

Pick the citation manager that works best for your current AND future goals!

Currently CSU Libraries provides support for EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero.

Key Considerations

  • EndNote paid version provides the most storage space and has specialty features for dealing with very high volume (tens of thousands) of references. It is heavily used in health sciences, and often provided for free or at a discount from institutions like CSU. However. while you can take your library of references with you when you leave that institution, any institutional license for the Desktop software will lapse. You will have to transfer the library to the more limited free Basic online version or pay for your own software license. EndNote was designed to adhere to the U.S. Government Section 508 accessibility standards.
  • Zotero is free to use and has a lower initial learning-curve. You'll always be able to access it no mater what institution you are affiliated with. It has all the features most researchers need and is easy to use during collaborations. There is a desktop app, but it must be synced through an internet connection to function fully.
  • Mendeley is the easiest to learn but currently has the fewest features. It is free and will always be yours to access, but is currently a better resource for users who do more occasional or smaller projects. Mendeley was designed to adhere to the U.S. Government Section 508 accessibility standards.

Other Citation Managers

CSU Libraries does not currently offer support for these citation managers.

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