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Citation Styles

What style should I use?

Many citation styles exist - guides for a few common ones are listed here.  If you are unsure which style to use, consult your professor.

Online Style Guides

Basic rules for citing in various styles.

Official Style Guides

Complete rules for in-depth help.

Additional Citation Styles

Tools for Organizing and Citing Your Sources

The following tools can help you to cite information sources.  Check the citations generated by these tools for accuracy before you use them.

Online Citation Generators

Choose a citation style, a type of information source, and plug in the bibliographic information (title, author, etc.) that is requested.  A complete citation is created from the information that you enter.

Database Citation Tools

Many databases have tools that will generate citations for materials found in the database.  Usually there is an option to either cut and paste the formatted citation or export the information to citation management software.

The tools will be slightly different in each database and will appear in different places.  You may need to explore a little bit to find them.  Icons from the Gale Virtual Reference Library and Academic Search Premier are shown below.


Citation Managers

Citation management software allows users to organize and store information about sources that are found during literature research.  References can then be easily inserted into written works and formatted in many different citation styles.  This type of software is especially useful for large research projects.  A few popular options are listed below with links for more information.

Writing Help

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