How to Do Library Research

This set of pages has information on how to do library research. In all cases, once you have located sources, be sure to evaluate them, using the evaluation guides.

Print (paper) Index Searching

  1. First look up your subject. You will need to have several possible terms in mind. For example, one source may use "juvenile," another "young adults," another "teenagers," and a fourth "adolescents." Most indexes use bold headings for their terms. Check the cross referenced "see also" terms if they are appropriate. Look through several years of the index to make sure you have covered your topic thoroughly.
    See also
    Soy sauce

Next look at the citations listed under your subject. Most indexes include author, the title of the article, the journal/magazine name, volume, pages, and date. You need to be able to interpret this information. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS
Laws and regulations
Rules of the game: the Senate's money politics [Keating
Five] F. Wilkinson. il Rolling Stone p31-4+ Ag 8 '91 Author: F. Wilkinson
Title of article: "Rules of the game: the Senate's money politics"
Journal/magazine: Rolling Stone
Volume: none in this case
Pages: 31-4+
Date: August 8, 1991 (from Readers' Guide) Savings and loan associations
Federal aid
Seidman seeks up to $80 billion to complete thrift
balance J. R. Cranford. Congr Q Wkly Rep 49:1651 Je 22 '91 Author: J. R. Cranford
Title of article: "Seidman seeks up to $80 billion to complete thrift balance"
Journal/magazine: Congr Q Wkly Rep look up abbreviation at front
of index to find exact title
Volume: 49
Page: 1651
Date: June 22, 1991 (from Social Sciences Index) Automobiles
Collectors and collecting
Art on wheels: America's master of casual elegance shares his passion
for classic race cars. R. Lauren. il Art Antiqu 8:140-5+ Mr '91 Author: R. Lauren
Title of article: "Art on wheels: America's master of casual elegance
shares his passion for classic race cars"
Journal/magazine: Art Antiqu look up abbreviation
Volume: 8
Pages: 140-5+
Date: March 1991 (from Art Index)

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