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U.S. Census by Agency

Questions asked on the Census beginning in 1790 through 2000 (and totals, in the Appendix) can be found in: Measuring America: the Decennial Censuses from 1790 to 2000Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7 (Appendix). Entire in one 149 page PDF.

See also elsewhere in this guide details of the U.S. Census Web site.

U.S. Census Finding Aids

U. S. Census

Summaries of statistics from early censuses can be found in the following:

  • Historical Census Browser  (University of Virginia Library)   Allows for searching and mapping of data 1790-1960.
  • A Statistical View of the United States, 1790-1850.   I 8.2:C 73/1   Doc
  • A Century of Population Growth from the First Census of the United States to the Twelfth, 1790-1900.    C 3.2:P 81  Doc
  • People of the United States in the 20th Century [1900-1960].    C 3.30:P 39  Doc Ref
  • Historical Statistics of the United States. Millenial edition.   HA202 .H57 2006  Ref   A thorough update of the item below.
  • Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970.   HA202 .U45 1975  Ref  and   C 3.134/2:H 62  Doc Ref
    • Digitized copies of Part 1 and Part 2 are available online.

Census of Agriculture

  • Census of Agriculture (taken every 5 years) call numbers:
    1925 and 1935 at:  C3.31  Doc
    1945, 1954, 1959, 1964, 1969, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1987, 1992 at:  C3.31/4  Doc
    1997 at:  A92/53/1  Doc and A 92.54:997/ Doc
    2002 at A 92.53/ and A 92.54: (formats vary with some being online, CD-ROM, ebook, or print) 1992, 1997, 2002 also online at the National Agricultural Statistics Service.
  • 2007: A 92.53/ and A 92.54: (formats vary with some being online, CD-ROM (electronic media), ebook, or print) 2003- available online Links to historical reports for 1840-1950 (part of the decennial census) and 1992 to present.
  • 2012 is online only. A 92.53/ with sections divided geographically. Colorado is A 92.53/6:AC-12-A-6 (May 2014).

U S Census Call Numbers

Note: call numbers at CSU may be different than those in these resources. See Correct Call Numbers for Census Information at CSU box below.

Population and Housing Census Guide (North Carolina State University) 

Guide to US Government Publications   Z1223.27 .A574 Ref

Census Definitions, Parameters, History:

The Manuscript Census:

  • The manuscript census consists of the complete forms filled out by census enumerators or by individuals themselves.  For privacy reasons it is released only after 70 years have passed.  At present 1930 is the most recent available.  The manuscript census is of interest to historians and genealogists.
  • The complete manuscript census from 1790 through 1930 is available electronically at the Fort Collins Public Library through the "HeritageQuest" database.  You must have a borrower's card from the public library to gain access.
  • At the CSU library we have the manuscript census on MICROFILM for Colorado only:
    LC call numbers:
    HA381.5 1860 (Colorado was part of Kansas in 1860)
    HA271.5 1870
    HA271.5 1880
    (99% of the 1890 manuscript census was destroyed in a fire in 1921.  It is not available anywhere.)
    HA271.5 1900
    HA271.5 1910
    HA271.5 1920
    HA271.5 1930

Correct Call Numbers for Census Information at CSU


SuDoc Numbers at CSU

Also found in our catalog

Su Doc No. Elsewhere


Head of family data available for certain states


I 2.5


CSU ownership has not been verified




CSU ownership has not been verified




I 5.5: v1 Docs Oversize




I 6.5: v1 Docs Oversize

HA201 1830 .C45 1990  oversize



I 7.5:bk 1 Docs Oversize




C 3.223/29-7:C 33 online




I 9.5:1 Documents




Y 1.1/2:  online




I 11.2:C 73/ v1 &2 Documents

S-A-29B-11-02-10  storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-11-02-11   storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-11-02-12  storage (microfilm)



I 12.5: V.1/ PT.1 Documents




S-A-29B-11-02-4 storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-11-02-5   storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-11-02-20   storage (microfilm)


C3. 13/5


S-A-29B-12-07-11  storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-12-07-6   storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-12-07-7   storage (microfilm)




S-A-29B-12-09-29  storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-12-09-30   storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-12-09-31  storage (microfilm)

HA201 1920 .A15  v.1 Storage Temp

C3 28/5


S-A-29B-12-09-3   storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-12-09-2   storage (microfilm)

S-A-29B-12-09-8  storage (microfilm)




CSU ownership has not been verified




CSU ownership has not been verified




CSU ownership has not been verified




CSU Ownership has not been verified




CSU ownership has not been verified




Online @

Online @



Online only @




Online only @



Resources Not Owned by CSU of Interest

The SuDoc and call numbers listed do not include all possibilities in the Prospector libraries. Some copies and formats are local use only.

-A Century of Population Growth from the First Census of the United States to the Twelfth, 1790-1900- C 3.2: P 81 (Microfiche) & HA19 .A5 Prospector

-People of the United States in the 20th Century [1900-1960]-   C 3.30:P 39  Prospector

- Bureau of the Census Catalog of Publications, 1790-1972.   C 3.163/2-2:790-972 Prospector

- Geographic Areas Reference Manual [1994].   C 3.6/2:G 29/4   Prospector

- Maps and More: Your Guide to Census Bureau Geography. (1994)    C3.2:G 29/4/994   Prospector

- Population of States and Counties of the United States: 1790-1990.    C 3.2:P 81/26   Prospector

- Twenty Censuses.   C 3.2:C 33/33   Prospector

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