Government Information

This guide has links to Federal governmental resources.

FDPL eagle image In addition to the many government topics listed to the left and described below, the Federal Government gateway sites provide access to additional information encompassing broader topics.

Federal Resources by Topic

Because one topic may have information within multiple agencies, this grouping of resources is based on topic. These topics were selected based on CSU affiliate interests and is by no means exhaustive (even of CSU affiliate interests).

  • Air, Climate, Soil, Water
    • General and then broken down by: Air-Quality and Air Pollution; Climate and Precipitation; Soil Information and Data; and Water Information and Data and Water Quality.
  • Business
    • Gateways from various sources, then: Statistical; Demographic and Economic Statistics; Colorado; Business and Statistical Resources; International Trade; and Export Import Information.
  • Census
    • Link to the US Census site and Finding Aids; Definitions, Parameters, History; and The Manuscript Census. One section is still being checked for accuracy.
  • Congressional
    • Tab has drop down resources related to Congressional research. How a Bill becomes a law, information about the American State Papers and Serial Set (some items on the free Web, others only available remotely to CSU affiliates). Some of the listed resources are print publications.
  • Current Issues
    • Environmental, legal, and budgetary topics, among others.
  • Economy
    • Various perspectives such as banking, labor/employment, economic indicators, statistics, and other resources.
  • Executive Orders
    • Presidential Executive Orders. "Executive orders are official documents, numbered consecutively, through which the President of the United States manages the operations of the Federal Government." [National Archives, Executive Orders FAQ's]
  • Federal Regulations
    • The Federal Register is where proposed rules and regulations first appear. The public may comment upon these proposed rules for a fixed time period (included in the proposal, although time for comment is extended in specific instances rarely). The Code of Federal Regulations contains the current in-force regulations (it is updated regularly); it is arranged by agency and topic.
  • Homeland
    • Government security topics
  • Nations: Nations of the World
    • Governmental resources with information about countries. Links to government sites and other compilations.
  • Native American
  • Patents
  • Science
    • Various topics: energy, health, technical reports, etc.
  • STAT-USA--Alternatives to Stat-USA
    • Sites where information that is found in Stat-USA can also be found. Broken down by Economic Indicators and International Marketing.
  • Statistics: Federal resources for statistics
    • Agency databases that have a huge bulk of the available statistics.
  • Technical Reports
    • Locations of technical reports within Morgan Library (with call numbers and locations) and three Web sites with them.
  • Think Tanks
    • Short list of selected think tanks that focus on specific issue areas.
  • Treaties: Treaties and Foreign Affairs
    • Treaties; Department of State Publications of Record; and Historical Resources. Governmental and nongovernmental sites.

Find Books

Government documents available through the CSU Libraries are fully cataloged in PRIMO. They are shelved under Superintendent of Documents Classification, a separate call number system that's based on federal agency. For example, documents published by the Department of the Interior will be shelved under call numbers beginning with "I".

PRIMO - This is the standard tool to search for books and other materials in the CSU Libraries.

Prospector - Request and delivery system for books, videos and other materials from libraries throughout Colorado. CU Boulder is the Regional Depository Library and has a comprehensive government publications holdings--and these are found in the Prospector catalog.


Interlibrary Loan

Use Interlibrary Loan to obtain articles and papers from journals and conference proceedings not owned by C.S.U. The service can also be used to obtain books and other materials not available in the C.S.U. Library or through Prospector.

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