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FDLP eagle image This page has links to various governmental sites. Some of these links are available elsewhere on this Government Information Guide. The content in the first two boxes below were known as "Gateways." The first has links to Federal resources; the next section links to Colorado resources. Additional boxes cover narrower topics such as gaming in Colorado and driving rules in Colorado.

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Colorado Lottery. 1991-2000,2002-2005.  REV8.10/ Colorado Docs Annual Reports for Colorado Lottery online 2009- .

Annual report.

Gaming in Colorado. 1993-2005; 2008- . REV10.11/ Colorado Docs

Annual data. Division of Gaming has links to laws and regulations and industry statistics. Also quick answers, links, and what's new (for example, 2014 Fact Book and Abstract).

Driving: Cars, Motorcycles, etc. Riding: Bicycles, etc.--Colorado

Colorado Driver Handbook. Colorado Motor Vehicle Division. REV3.8/D83/ Docs Ref. Colorado Driver Handbook also online in PDF.

Sections on driver's license, understanding Colorado's motor vehicle laws, rules of the road, safe driving tips, sharing the road, emergencies, and more.  See DMV forms and documents, manuals (including a Spanish version of the Driver License Manual), and additional publications on the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles Forms and Publications page.

State of Colorado Motorcycle Operator's Handbook.   REV3.8/M85/ Docs Ref. See also Rider Resources (Department of Public Safely. Colorado State Patrol.)

Web page has information from the Colorado Revised Statues (State Laws) and color-coded Colorado map that shows easy to difficult routes. Handbook not displaying 12/28/15. Direct link to PDF of Motorcycle Handbook working same date.

Commercial Driver License Manual. PDF. © 2015 AAMVA All Rights Reserved. Colorado. March 2016. 140 pages.

Sections cover driving safely, transporting cargo and passengers safely, air brakes, vehicle types, school buses, and more.

Colorado Bicycling Manual: A Guide to Safe Bicycling. PDF. Colorado Department of Transportation Bicycle/Pedestrian Program. 8th ed. 2008. 25 pages.

Rules of the road, traffic, equipment, roadways, official laws, glossary of terms, resource directory, and more.

Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways. Travel Center. Colorado.

Map with byway lines, link to virtual guide, road conditions, etc.

Libraries & Related Topics: Colorado

Colorado Librarian's Survival Guide.   ED3.2/SU8/2003/ Docs Ref

Includes acronyms, statistics, a glossary, and a directory.

Prospector: Colorado Regional Catalog.

Colorado residents with library cards have access to circulating items from this collection. See about for participating libraries. The University of Colorado at Boulder (aka CU) is the Regional Depository Library, so items not found at CSU should be available there.

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