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CSU Buildings and Grounds History

A history of CSU's building and grounds from 1870 to the present.

The Pioneer Era (1870-1909)

Claim Building/Claim Shanty/Chemistry Laboratory/Brick Building (1874-1891)

Old Main/Main Building/Administration Building/College Hall/College Building (1879-1970)

Spruce Hall/Weaving and Ceramics Studios/Old Electrical Engineering Building/Electrical Engineering Building/Civil Engineering Building/Dormitory Building/College Boarding Hall (1881-present)

Laurel Hall/Printing and Publications Building/Foods Research Laboratory/Student Health Service Building/Veterinary Medicine Building/Library/Commercial Building/Chemical Laboratory/Barn (1882-present)

Preconstruction Center/Industrial Sciences Building/Arts-Industrial Arts Building/Arts Building/Mechanical Engineering Building/Mechanic Arts Hall/Mechanics Shop Building (1883-present)

College Farm Structures (1887-1959)

Veterinary Hospital and Related Buildings/Horticultural Barn (1889-1920)

Routt Hall/Veterinary Science Annex/Conservatory of Music/Domestic Science Hall/Botanical and Horticultural Laboratory (1890-present)

Potting Shed (1891-present)

Agronomy Building/Agricultural Hall (1892-1961)

Train Depot/College Station (1892-1924 and 1924-ca. 1934)

President's House/Farm Superintendent's House (1892-1946)

Industrial Arts Annex/Horticulture Hall/Horticultural Hall/Botanical-Horticulture Laboratory Building (1895-1970)

Old Main Annex/Speech Building/Botany Building/Chemical Building (1898-1971)

Lavatory; also O.T. Annex/Occupational Therapy Research Annex/ Storage #65/Home Economics Nutrition Research Laboratory/Student Health Service Building and College Dispensary/Entomology Laboratory (1902-present)

L.L. Gibbons Building/Geology Building/New Electrical Engineering Building/Zoology-Entomology Building/Electrical Engineering Building/Central Heating Plant (1903-present)

Preschool Laboratory/Home Economics Practice House/Apiary/Botany Building/Veterinary Hospital Annex-Pathology Laboratory (1908-1973)


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