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CSU Buildings and Grounds History

A history of CSU's building and grounds from 1870 to the present.

The Charles A. Lory Era (1909-1940)

Civil and Irrigation Engineering Building, (1910-present)

Guggenheim Hall (1910-present)

Athletic Storage Building/Athletic Field Storeroom/Athletic Club House (1912-1962)

Research Irrigation Laboratory/Hydraulics Laboratory (1913-1966)

Vocational Education Building/Soils Laboratory Building (1914-present)

CSU Mountain Campus/Pingree Park Mountain Campus/Pingree Park (1914-present)

District Heating and Cooling Utility Plants/Central Heating Plant (1915-present)

College Cafeteria/Dining Hall (1918-1940)

Industrial Sciences Laboratories/Industrial Arts Shops/Mechanical Engineering Shops (1918-present)

"The Biltmore"/Forestry Packing House/Commissary Storage/Cafeteria Annex/Dining Hall Storage Building (1918-1960)

Military Barracks (1918-1927)

Military Support Facilities/Pistol Ranges/Gun Sheds (1919-1961)

Veterinary Science Building/Veterinary Hospital (1920-1995)

Occupational Therapy Building/Education Building/Home Economics Annex/Physics Building (1920-present)

Ammons Hall (1921-present)

Aggie "A" (1923-present)

Louis Weber Building/Old Chemistry Building/Chemistry Building (1923-present)

Administration Building (1924-present)

Field House/Glenn Morris Field House (1926-present)

TILT Building/Music Building/Library (1928-present)

Military Science Annex/Dairy and Meats Laboratory (1928-present)

Military Science Building/Lucas Hall/R.O.T.C. Headquarters and Classroom Building (1929-present)

Alder Hall/Cooperative Units Building/Physical Education Annex/Botany Annex (1930-present)

Sage Hall/Plant Tissue Laboratory/Horticulture Laboratory (1931-present)

Forestry Building (1936-present)

S. Arthur Johnson Hall (1936-present)

Buildings and Grounds Buildings (1939-1958)

Rockwell Hall/Aileen Rockwell Hall/Aileen Miller Rockwell Memorial Dormitory, (1939-present)

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