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CSU Buildings and Grounds History

A history of CSU's building and grounds from 1870 to the present.

Durrell Rodeo Arena, 1949-1963

People are working with wooden beams and fencing in a dirt field to create a rodeo arena.

Durrell Rodeo Arena Under Construction, 1949

From CSU's Sense of Place:  A Campus History of Colorado's Land-Grant University, by James E. Hansen, Gordon A. Hazard, and Linda M. Meyer.  Fort Collins, CO:  Colorado State University, 2018.

Designer – College Livestock Club and Colorado A & M College facilities staff

Builder – College Livestock Club and Colorado A & M College facilities staff

On May 6, 1949, the first Durrell Rodeo Arena located on the west part of campus by Shields Street and South Drive (now Hughes Way) was completed and ready for the College Days Rodeo coming in a couple of weeks.  The Livestock Club funded and built it with student labor.  This arena was located on the site now occupied by Ingersoll and Edwards Halls.

In April 1950, a tradition began with the production of the first Skyline Stampede rodeo.  The rodeo tradition at CSU began in 1922 when the Colorado A & M Livestock Club held a rodeo for a fundraiser. At that time, the rodeo appears to have been held on an open area about where the CSU Transportation Services Motor Pool is today.  Other open areas near the original College Farm appear to have been used as rodeo grounds prior to the construction of this more permanent facility.

By 1962, it was known that Edwards and Ingersoll Halls would soon occupy the space of the original Durrell Rodeo Arena.  A new facility near the base of the Aggie “A” at the foothills and was placed under construction. 

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