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A history of CSU's building and grounds from 1870 to the present.

Facilities Service Center-Central Receiving-Surplus Property/Physical Plant Buildings, 1957-

A one-story brick and concrete building with windows spanning the upper part of one side. Cars are parked on a street next to it.

Physical Plant - Facilities, 1962-

From CSU's Sense of Place:  A Campus History of Colorado's Land-Grant University, by James E. Hansen, Gordon A. Hazard, and Linda M. Meyer.  Fort Collins, CO:  Colorado State University, 2018.

Architects – James M. Hunter and Associates, William B. Robb of RB&B Architects of Fort Collins, Per M. Hogestad of Facilities Management, Randall Larsen & Associates

Builders - R.F. Ball Construction Company, Incorporated of San Antonio, Texas (1957 buildings), W. K. Livingston Construction Company of Fort Collins (Central Receiving)

251 Edison Drive / 201 West Pitkin Street / 200, 201 and 202 West Lake Street

In 1957, as the campus expanded westward, the Building and Grounds Department became called the Physical Plant Department and opened a network of new buildings north and south of West Pitkin Street, adjacent to the railroad tracks. The site had been the Military Department’s horse stables, hay storage, blacksmith and riding area for decades.  Wayne Teegarden and the Campus Security Department operated out of Room 114 of the north Physical Plant Building during the early years.

The main buildings are now called Facilities Service Center North (251 Edison Drive), Facilities Service Center South (201 West Pitkin Street) and Central Receiving (200 West Lake Street).  The north building houses administrative offices and several shops for the various trades.  The south building houses the Motor Pool which is now called Transportation Services.

Designed by James M. Hunter, the building complex opened in November 1957.  The north building, south building and electrical shop were in this original 1957 construction project.  The motor pool building used to wash vehicles was built in 1964.  In 1976, the microwave communications tower was erected in the Motor Pool compound. In 1984, Motor Pool Maintenance and Storage were added.

Campus maps from 1992 and 1993 indicated that in the summer of 1992, an addition was added to the west end of the Motor Pool Building that closed off the entrance to the compound from West Pitkin.  Entry was now gained from the west side of the compound.  Some additions to the Facilities Services North were also done at this time to update and add workspace.

Recycling and reuse has been a long held tradition at CSU.  The steel Butler building known as the “East Garage” was a former Military Department “gun shed” building constructed in 1927 and moved to its current location in the spring of 1960. Modified for its Motor Pool role, this steel Butler building is still in use today.  Some of the original folding door hinges are still in place on the east side of the building.  1992 and 1993 campus maps indicate that in the summer or fall of 1992, the steel Butler building was divided so that a permanent support building for the microwave tower could be erected at its base.  The portion of the steel Butler building to the north appears to have been enclosed with concrete blocks and attached with a new addition that was built onto its north end connecting it to the garage that faces West Pitkin Street. The south end of the Butler building had an addition made to it about this time. 

1996 and 1997 campus maps indicate that East Drive was connected with a paved roadway from Pitkin to the Painter Building in the summer of 1996.  Since 1980, East Drive north of West Lake Street only extended as far as the north side of the Painter Building.  The Facilities Storage building on the north side of the big Quonset building was the original wood-framed “Military Gun Shop” that stood in the Motor Pool compound from 1942 until 2008 when it was razed.

Central Receiving is a function of the CSU Purchasing Department where all in-coming and out-going campus mail and goods stop before being delivered to their intended destination.  Central Receiving is responsible for the receipt and delivery of all items except foodstuffs.  Designed by William B. Robb of RB&B Architects of Fort Collins in 1966, the Central Receiving building at 200 West Lake Street was built by the W. K. Livingston Construction Company of Fort Collins and opened in 1967. It was at this time that Central Receiving assumed responsibility for the campus mail service.  They also handle addressing service operations.

The Surplus Property Building located south of Central Receiving is part of this complex of buildings.  This corrugated metal warehouse building situated just west of the railroad tracks was erected in 1975 at 201 West Lake Street.

Campus Architect Per M. Hogestad of the Department of Facilities Management worked with Randall Larsen & Associates to design the Outdoor Services Building that was added to the complex in 2008.  Located at 202 West Lake Street, this small building serves as the offices for the Department of Facilities Management staff members who take care of the grounds and irrigation systems throughout the growing 579-acre CSU campus.

In 2015 a new Master Plan was published.  It showed new buildings on the site of Facilities Services North and the Facilities Services South Complex including Central Receiving.  A new sign erected in April 2017 named the north building “Facilities Management North”.

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