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CSU Buildings and Grounds History

A history of CSU's building and grounds from 1870 to the present.

The Modern Era, 1950 - present

Glover Building/Glover Veterinary Hospital (1950-present)

Lory Apartments/Faculty Apartments - Carrie R. Lory Hall (1950-2012)

Centennial Hall/Administration Annex/Student Union Annex (1951-present)

Colorado State University Trailer Court/Colorado A&M Trailer Court (1953-1975)

Home Management House (1953-present)

Danforth Chapel (1954-present)

Green Hall (1954-present)

Newsom Hall (1955-present)

Facilities Service Center-Central Receiving-Surplus Property/Physical Plant Buildings (1957-present)

Ellis Hall (1957-2005)

Aylesworth Hall (1957-2019)

Monfort Quadrangle/Agricultural Quadrangle/Agricultural Mall (1958-present)

Allison Hall (1958-present)

Engineering-Physics Building (1958-present)

National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation/National Seed Storage Laboratory (1958-present)

Stock Judging Pavilion (1959-2016)

Wood Science Laboratory/Troxell Wood Utilization Laboratory/Bishop Trainer Building (1959-1994)

Plant Growth Facilities/University Greenhouse Complex (1959-present)

Animal Sciences Building (1960-present)

Plant Science Building (1960-present)

Aggie Village Apartments (1961-present)

Weather Station (1961-present)

Lory Student Center (1962-present)

Parmelee Hall (1962-present)

Braiden Hall (1963-present)

Eddy Hall/Eddy Building/Liberal Arts Building (1963-present)

Edwards Hall (1964-present)

William E. Morgan Library (1964-present)

Ingersoll Hall (1964-present)

Hartshorn Building/Duane F. Hartshorn Student Health Center/Student Health Center (1964-present)

Education Building/Humanities Building (1964-present)

Weed Research Laboratory/Potato Virus and Weed Research Laboratory (1964-present)

Corbett Hall (1965-present)

Madison-Macdonald Observatory (1966-present)

Moby Arena/Moby Gym/Auditorium-Gymnasium (1966-present)

Physiology and Biophysics Building (1966-present)

Palmer Center/Palmer International House/Palmer House Apartments (1967-present)

Rocky Mountain Research Station (1967-present)

Insectary/Insectary and Environmental Building (1967-present)

Andrew G. Clark Building/Social Sciences Building (1967-present)

Hughes Stadium/Hughes Memorial Stadium (1968-2018)

Durrell Center (1968-present)

Durward Hall (1968-present)

Natural Resources Research Laboratory/Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (1968-present)

Westfall Hall (1968-present)

Microbiology Building (1969-present)

Environmental Health/Grasslands Ecology Research Laboratory (NREL)/Grasslands Ecology Research Laboratory (1970-present)

Chemistry Building (1971-present)

Michael Smith Natural Resources Building/Natural Resources Building (1975-present)

Pathology Building (1976-present)

Hazardous Wastes Storage Building/Hazardous Materials Storage Facility (1978-present)

Painter Center/John E. Painter Center for Laboratory Animals/Central Animal Care Facility (1980-present)

Book Storage Facility (1985-present)

B.W. Pickett Equine Center/Equine Teaching and Research Center (1986-present)

Molecular and Radiological Biosciences (1989-present)

Student Recreation Center (1989-present)

Vietnam Era Memorial Bridge (1992-present)

Helmshire Hall/Helmshire Inn (1998-2005)

McGraw Athletic Center (1999-present)

Annual Trial Gardens/Annual Flower Trial Garden (2002-present)

Newton's Corner (2002-present)

Yates Hall/Chemistry-Biosciences Hall (2002-present)

University Center for the Arts (2004-present)

Summit Hall (2004-present)

Academic Village (2007-present)

Anderson Academic Center/Athletics Academic and Training Center (2009-present) 

Indoor Practice Facility (2009-present)

Computer Science Building (2009-present)

Behavioral Sciences Building (2010-present)


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