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Newton’s Corner, 2002-

A textured stainless steel sculpture with a stainless steel ball and stainless ball bearings.

Newton's Corner

From CSU's Sense of Place:  A Campus History of Colorado's Land-Grant University, by James E. Hansen, Gordon A. Hazard, and Linda M. Meyer.  Fort Collins, CO:  Colorado State University, 2018.

Artist - Howard Meehan

Center Avenue Mall and West Pitkin Street

Easily the largest piece of art on the campus, “Newton’s Corner” was completed in September of 2002 by artist Howard Meehan.  It is a 40’ high stainless steel kinetic sculpture that occupies the plaza at the intersection of West Pitkin Street and the Center Avenue Mall. Its location is a central focal point of the core of campus and highlights the entrance to the buildings making up the “Biological Science Complex” to the south and the east.

“Newton's Corner” is said by the artist to “celebrate Sir Isaac Newton's observations on time, space and motion”. The 3’ polished stainless-steel ball located at the top of the piece sways gently in the breeze, always returning to neutral position, thereby illustrating Newton's Law of Gravity. The piece also quotes Newton, stating "If I have been able to see farther than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants".

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